I kind like interior design too. I have a dream to build the house that I like with my design and inspiration from another designer. The type of wood, glass and so on that make house more beautiful should be more focus.

1. Hues of Blue
2. Monochrome Interiors
3. Black Floor and Art On The Walls
4. The Home of a Fashionista
5. Hint of Beige and Brown
6. Raw Design
7. Eclectic Style
8. Black & White In NYC
9. A Swedish White Home With Bits Of Color
10. Apartment in New York : design elements
11. Minimal Rizza House
12. Minimal Polish Apartment
13. Simple Palettes
14. White With Splashes Of Colour
15. Black Floors

1. Modern Minimalism for Your House | Part 1
2. Modern Minimalism for Your House | Part 2

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